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A Little About Me

avril showers



Nice to meet you. 

I'm Avril, a 39 year old Pilates Instructor from Canada. 

I was raised all over Canada, as well as San Diego, California. I spent almost a decade in Australia, where I obtained my degree in Sociology. Since I have been back in North America I now travel to Europe regularly. I have been travelling my entire life and particularly loved my trips to India, Italy, Fiji and Paris. 


I am a naturally bubbly and relaxed person. Connecting with others and dating is something I have always felt very comfortable with. On a date with me, I want you to leave feeling like you just had the best Tinder hookup ever, with someone who lives out of town. I provide a sensual girlfriend experience. I include a lot of skin on skin contact, kissing, cuddling, massage and chats.

I do not discriminate any potential clients on the basis of race. I want to see people from everywhere. I specialize in a true girlfriend experience.

I am fully vaccinated and boosted. I get my flu shot every October and I have had the monkey pox vaccines. I am at the gym at 9am 7 days a week. I take my health very seriously. 

I am active on my Social Media accounts and that's a great way for you to get to know my personality a bit before making any decisions. I also make a lot of adult online content which could help you with your search. Here is my linktree with all of my websites. 

Screening is required and what I accept is on my booking form below. If you're a person who needs complete anonymity and are unable to screen, please do not proceed with my booking form. 

If you're looking for gift ideas; I love desserts, butter, coffee, and scented candles. 


HEIGHT 5'5 OR 165CM 

SHOE 9 OR 39





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