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Our Date 

As I tend to work in different countries or parts of the country, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a little pre-date guidance:

What happens the day of our date?:
At this time I am only accepting dates with a deposit. Please organize the remainder to be given in cash at the start of our date. I don't accept in person e-transfers/paypal/cashapp or any electronic payment. The remainder needs to be in cash (local currency) and in person. 
I will let you know the hotel name at the time of deposit, and the room number when you let me know that you have arrived at the appointment time. 
When you arrive to my room it will basically go down like this: 
I answer the door and greet you. You awkwardly take your shoes off while we both giggle and chat about how nice I look. You will pay me as fast as humanly possible to get it out of the way. I will set it down and show you the shower. 
I show you the shower and your towel, robe, toothbrush, unscented body wash etc...and you happily start undressing and putting your phone, watch and wallet in the bathroom and that's where they will stay, as you wont need them anymore. You freshen up and make yourself comfortable while I arrange the room perfectly and set the playlist. 
When you're done you come out in your towel or robe and we have a wonderful time. 
I don't do in date extensions so please let me know at the time of deposit how long you are planning to book. 
xx Avril 


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